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  • Basics

  • What is Ribblr?

    Ribblr is a first-of-its-kind ePattern craft marketplace. Here you can find lots of Crochet, Knitting, and Sewing ePatterns. You can also find personalized recommendations for patterns, based on what you love, on our home page. Check out our about us page for more information.

  • What is Ribblr ePattern?

    Ribblr ePattern is a digital and interactive pattern format, providing a unique user & eco friendly experience. We've built it so you can enjoy the best crafting experience. Ribblr ePattern lets you interact with a pattern like tracking your progress by marking a row/round or even an entire section. The smart sizing feature lets you choose to see only your preferred size throughout an entire pattern, instead of seeing all unrelevant sizes. And there's plenty more. Automatic translation and unit conversion, see photo & video tutorials within the pattern, and even draw on a pattern. All synced across web & mobile so you can enjoy the best crafting experience anywhere you are. There's a full Ribblr ePattern manual available here.

  • Is Ribblr ePattern enviornmentally friendly?

    Yes! Apart from all of its innovative features, one of the great benefits of using Ribblr ePattern is that it's truly eco friendly. Traditional PDF patterns often require printing dozens of pages. In fact, a whole tree and 200kWh of energy are used yearly to print patterns for just 36 crafters. By using Ribblr ePattern you contribute towards a greener planet.

  • What accessibility tools does Ribblr provide?

    We believe that crafting should be accessible for everyone. Our accessibility tools include dark mode, reduce motion, and left-hand mode. You can set your preferences by clicking 'Accessibility' on your personal menu. Ribblr ePattern features even more accessibility tools such as zooming in on pictures, enlarging font size as you craft, as well as viewing and listening to tips and video tutorials. Ribblr is designed to be user and eco friendly and is compatible with all devices and screen sizes. Our unified minimalistic design and innovative features means that more crafters than ever before can craft easily, anywhere they are.

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  • Can I access Ribblr on my phone or tablet?

    Sure! Ribblr is designed with accessibility in mind. Ribblr is compatible with all devices and all screen sizes. You can access Ribblr on your browser or via the app.

  • How can I find patterns on Ribblr?

    There are many ways to find patterns on Ribblr. Firstly, you can find featured patterns chosen by our editors on our home page. Secondly, check out the Discover section for personalized recommendations. Finally, you can use the different craft categories or the search to find specific patterns.

  • What is the Discover section?

    The discover section is one of our unique features. It provides personalized pattern recommendations based on what you love. Built with a powerful machine learning algorithm, your recommendations will become more accurate the more you use Ribblr.

  • Where can I find more information about a pattern?

    Simply click on any pattern's photo or name to be redirected to the product page. On the product page you'll find useful information such as the pattern's introduction, materials, available sizes and more. If you want to get a preview of a pattern simply click the 'look inside' button.

  • What is the 'look inside' feature?

    You can find the 'look inside' feature on a pattern's product page. By clicking it you can get a preview of the pattern.

  • Where can I find my favorite patterns?

    When you favorite a pattern (by clicking the heart icon) it'll be automatically added to your wishlist. To see all favorite patterns simply click the 'My Wishlist' option from the menu.

  • How can I access patterns I acquired?

    To access patterns you acquired simply click the 'My Patterns' option from the menu. Find the pattern you want to access and click the 'Ribblr it' button. You can also find this button on the pattern's product page.

  • Where can I find free patterns?

    You can sort patterns by price (low to high) to find free patterns. You are also welcome to get free patterns from our very own Ribblr Free Patterns shop.

  • I'm a designer. How can I open up a shop?

    If you don't have a Ribblr account yet, please click select the 'open a shop' option from the menu. Otherwise, if you already have an account and would like to open your own Ribblr shop please contact us here.

  • How can I join the community?

    If you already have a Ribblr account you can join the community by clicking the 'Community' option from the menu.

  • What are community badges?

    Community badges are rewards that you get for being a great community member. That includes helping others or contributing to a positive discussion.

  • Where can I find my previous posts and messages?

    To find out all your previous posts and messages simply click 'My profile' from the menu.

  • How can I report a user or a pattern?

    We do not monitor users’ contributions. For the safety of all our users, patterns that include text, sexual or violent content will automatically have limited visibility on the platform. If you believe someone violates any of our policies, please report it to us. We take all reports very seriously and we investigate each and every report thoroughly.

  • Billing

  • How can I buy a pattern?

    To buy a pattern simply click on the pattern's image or name to be redirect to the product page. Then click the 'buy now' button and add your payment details.

  • Where can I find a receipt for my purchased pattern?

    You will get a receipt via email as soon as you buy a pattern. If you did not get a receipt please check your spam folder.

  • What happens after I buy a pattern? How can I access it?

    As soon as you buy a pattern you'll be redirected to the 'My Patterns' page where you'll be able to access your pattern by clicking the 'Ribblr it' button.

  • Who do I contact for a refund request?

    If you have an issue with your pattern or want to request a refund please contact the designer you bought the pattern from. You can do this either by clicking the 'Contact designer' option from the help menu within the pattern or by going to the 'My Patterns' page and clicking the envelope button on the top right corner of the pattern. If the designer hasn't reached back you can contact us using the 'get in touch' button below and we will do our best to assist.