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Frequently asked questions
Is it still possible to download and print charts or cut-out templates/patterns? Yes. You can make your charts or cut-out templates/patterns downloadable and printable. That is completely up to you. Your pattern's instructions will remain digital, interactive and eco friendly. It means that crafters will still be able to track their progress, choose their preferred size and measuring unit, and so much more.
How will I get paid? Ribblr integrates with Stripe to provide you with secure and instant payments in your currency. Stripe is one of the world's leading secure payment gateways, trusted by Amazon, Google and more. Opening a Stripe account is completely free and only takes a couple of minutes. For more information about Stripe services and fees please click here.
Will I get paid in my shop's currency? Yes. We currently support $USD, £GBP, €EUR, $CAD, and $AUD. You will always get paid in your chosen currency, regardless of the currency your customers use.
Can I sell my patterns elsewhere? Yes, you can. Your patterns aren't exclusive to Ribblr but we know crafters will enjoy your patterns most by using the interactive Ribblr ePattern!
Are my patterns protected? Yes. Ribblr protects designers more than ever before. Unlike PDFs which can be easily copied, Ribblr ePattern is not downloadable. It means that your patterns can only be accessed by crafters who purchased them.
What does it cost to have a shop and sell patterns on Ribblr?

Opening your own Ribblr shop is completely free. We're just starting out and we know you'll love Ribblr! But we want to give you a chance to decide for yourself. That's why you can use all of our exclusive tools for free. You can find our current list of fees below.

Listing fee FREE
Processing fee FREE
Ribbuild tool fee FREE FOREVER
Pattern translation fee FREE
Smart sizing fee FREE
Unit conversion fee FREE
Unlimited photos and videos fee FREE
Sale fee 4%
*The minimum sale fee is 25¢ or the equivalent in other currencies. To find out more please read our Payments Policy.