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Ribblr for designers

Ribblr was born to empower designers. We help you focus on what you love most – designing unique new patterns. We have created many tools to help you design with ease and reach more customers than ever before.

Introducing: Ribbuild

A streamlined pattern editing tool, to help you offer your customers the best crafting experience with our interactive Ribblr ePattern format. Built by designers and for designers, the idea is simple: you add the instructions and Ribbuild will do the rest. Write in your native language and using your preferred measuring units and Ribbuild will automatically convert measuring units and translate your patterns to other languages, starting with English US and UK. Ribbuild will scan your patterns to generate an abbreviations list and apply built-in tips and stitch video tutorials. Ribbuild's smart sizing feature will automatically color each individual size in your patterns and even let crafters select to view their size only. You can also design interactive charts directly in Ribbuild and crafters will be able to customize them by selecting different colors. How cool is that? You can use Ribbuild to design new patterns on any device or simply use Ribbuild's quick copy & paste feature to add an existing pattern in just a few minutes and turn it into an interactive pattern. You can even export a PDF version of your pattern should you need it. Found an error in your pattern? No problem. Simply correct it and the fix will be updated automatically for all those who already own your pattern. Click here to learn more about Ribbuild.

Control your own fees

We know you'll love Ribblr but there are no strings attached. There are no listing fees or shop fees and our unique tools are completely free. There's a single fee, only when you sell. You can control this fee and even remove it completely! You can find our Payments Policy here.

Get paid instantly

Powered by Stripe, we provide you with instant payments in your chosen currency as soon as you make a sale on Ribblr. Find detailed reports and stats on your shop manager and get a weekly shop report via email.

Royalties - your new income

A fair new income stream: when people use your unique patterns to sell finished makes we collect and send you royalties payments.

Ultimate protection

Ribblr ePatterns are not downloadable. It means that only those who buy your patterns have access to them. And while we believe that crafters will enjoy your patterns most by using Ribblr ePattern - your patterns always remain yours and are not exclusive to Ribblr.

Your shop - your way

Tell customers more about your shop and customize it with your own shop logo and header. Run sales and giveaways and feature patterns you wish to promote. You can also send patterns to testers before you publish them.

Reach more customers

Using Ribblr's discover section, we promote your patterns directly to crafters who will love them. We also notify crafters who follow your shop or added your patterns to their wishlist about your new patterns and sales. And thanks to Ribblr's automatic translator and measuring units converter, your patterns are available to more customers than ever before.

Help is always available

We are here for you. Check out our extensive help center, read the full Ribbuild guidelines or watch our video playlist for designers. If you ever need any additional help or want to share your feedback please get in touch.

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