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About us
Ribblr: a crafting revolution. We are an independent, family-run business, formed by Lir Shilton & Saar Oron. Ribblr was born on one warm spring night in 2019 in our home in London, UK. After years of crafting and designing patterns we started listing and addressing the many issues both crafters and designers face daily. It quickly became clear to us that even though the crafting community keeps growing, the crafting industry hasn't evolved in decades. We believe crafters deserve better. So we set out a very clear mission: to revolutionize the crafting industry. Using our combined skills and experience from previous crafting and entreprenurial projects, we embarked on a journey to fulfill our mission. Our goals: 1. Create the best crafting experience. 2. Build a home for all crafters. 3. Innovate and modernize the crafting industry.
A modern craft marketplace Crafting is one of the most popular activities around the world. It's creative, fun, and rewarding. It also has great mental benefits. But it's no secret that being a crafter is often a struggle. And that's where we come in. Ribblr is a first-of-its-kind ePattern crafting platform. Here you can buy and sell Crochet, Knitting and Sewing ePatterns. You can also find personalized recommendations for patterns, based on what you love, on our home page, and communicate with other crafters on our community! ribblr epattern gif
Introducing: Ribblr ePattern We've built the world's first interactive digital pattern so you can enjoy the best crafting experience. Similar to eBooks, Ribblr ePattern is a digital version of craft patterns. It lets you track your progress as you work, select to view your own size (instead of all sizes), and convert cm to inches. (and vice versa) One universal format. All patterns on Ribblr comes in one simple, friendly, and easy-to-understand format. Automatic translation. We all know that feeling when you find a pattern you love but it's not available in your language. Well, not anymore. Ribblr ePattern comes with an automatic translation feature so you can enjoy crafting in your preferred language. Eco friendly. Did you know? A whole tree and 200kWh of energy are used yearly to print patterns for just 36 crafters. By using Ribblr ePattern you contribute towards a greener planet. Create on the go. In this fast-paced culture it's truly important to have access to your patterns when you're on the go. And you shouldn't print a 26-page pattern in order to do so! Ribblr ePatterns are accessible anywhere, anytime and on all of your devices. So whether you're on a train to work or away on a ski trip, you can continue crafting right where you left off. Wait! There's more. Pattern video tutorials. Change font sizes. Doodle, draw and write on any pattern. Tips and instructional videos for beginners. Automatic colors for sizes. Download charts and photos.
A home for all crafters.
Crafting is a form of art and a source of happiness for many people around the world. Ribblr is a place for everyone who loves crafts to connect and share with others. Maintaining an inclusive and positive environment and making sure everyone on Ribblr feels safe is our top priority. That’s why we continue to welcome and support people from all over the world, regardless of religion, nationality, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. Ribblr is apolitical. We are focused on creating an amazing crafting experience. Please help us keep Ribblr a safe and positive place by being kind and respectful to others and by complying with all our policies, including our community guidelines. We do not monitor users’ contributions. For the safety of all our users, patterns that include text, sexual or violent content will automatically have limited visibility on the platform. If you believe someone violates any of our policies, please report it to us. We take all reports very seriously and we investigate each and every report thoroughly. Violent, harassing, and/or discriminating behavior of any kind is strictly prohibited on Ribblr. We will not tolerate anyone who takes advantage of our platform and our services to harass others or to promote hate speech, discrimination or any type of violence. This is part of our Terms and Conditions that all users agree to when they use our services. Designed for maximum accessibility We believe that crafting should be accessible for everyone around the world. Ribblr is designed to be user and eco friendly. Our accessibility tools include dark mode, reduce motion, and left-hand mode. You can set your preferences by clicking 'Accessibility' from your personal menu. Ribblr ePattern, with its unified minimalistic design, makes it easier for everyone to craft thanks to unique features such as smart sizing, automatic translation, the ability to enlarge font, zoom in on pictures, and more. Designers can use dictation to easily edit patterns as well as adding supporting photos, videos, even add audio instructions to their patterns! Ribblr is truly responsive on all devices and screen sizes, with iOS and Android apps available. There are many more accessibility tools to be introduced. That includes better visuals and touch functionality, wider language support, better device compatibility and more. We always want to hear your suggestions on how we can improve. If you are facing any issues or want to share you feedback please get in touch.
Built for designers. Our main aim is to help you create efficiently and to save you time and energy by taking care of things for you. Introducing: Ribbuild, a streamlined pattern editing tool for designers. Built by designers and for designers, the idea is simple: you add the instructions and we'll do the rest. Here are some of Ribbuild's features: 1. Automatic pattern translations. Write in your native language only and we'll translate your pattern to other languages so more crafters can enjoy your pattern. 2. Automatic abbreviations. We'll scan your entire pattern and generate an abbreviations list. 3. Automatic units conversion. We'll convert cm to inches and inches to cm automatically so you don't need to do extra calculations. 4. Automatic sizes coloring. We'll color all different sizes in your pattern automatically. 5. Smart sizing. We'll let crafters choose their preferred size in your pattern and automatically remove all other sizes to simplify their crafting experience. While Ribbuild is a powerful tool for creating new patterns, you can easily add an existing PDF pattern, too, using our quick copy & paste feature. You can even download PDF versions of patterns you've uploaded to Ribblr. On Ribblr you get paid instantly. Patterns you upload to Ribblr are not exclusive and always remains yours. By the way, we recommend your patterns directly to crafters who will love them, based on their interests. Pretty, cool, ha?
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We're just getting started. Ribblr ePattern is just the first step on our way to revolutionize the crafting industry. We are currently working hard to improve Ribblr ePattern even further while we're developing more exciting features. Watch this space. Ribblr gif Legal imprint. Ribblr Ltd, registered in England (No. 12683675) 4th Floor, 18 St. Cross Street London, EC1N 8UN UK support[AT]