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lehna30 journal for Two-Way Basic Vest | Ribblr
Latest note Progress Date Jul 29, 2021 Project Two-ways vest Test Mood 💜 Review: the pattern was super easy to follow. You can change the colors in the pattern and check the row your at so you don't get lost. If i had only one thing to note to improve the pattern it would be re-writting the instruction for the second body panel even tho its the same thing only so that we could check to rows were at (coz we lost the purpose of the interactive pattern). Other than that it was super fun to test the pattern, I plan on doing an other one when i come back from holidays with brighter colors :)
Previous notes
Jul 19, 2021 Two-ways vest Test 😊
Jul 19, 2021 Two-ways vest Test 🎉
Jul 15, 2021 Two-ways vest Test 💪
Jul 09, 2021 Two-ways vest Test 👏
Jul 08, 2021 😊
Jul 07, 2021 😊
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